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M.Z.'s Story
First Fruit Ministries has been there for me in ways that I have never dreamed.  I have resided here since June 2008.  Just a few months before I came to live here I was given the chance to invite my God into my life to save me.  I feel like it was the best decision that I have made ever in my life.  Residing in a place like this helps give me a chance to fulfill my dream of following the Lord.  I have a place to rest my head at night and stay warm in all types of weather.  Although it won't last forever, it will help me fulfill my hopes and dreams and move on to permanent housing.  The people really care to help wherever they can, even if it's just a prayer.  Most of all, this place gives me a chance to know God more and develop a relationship with Him.  God has helped me in so many ways; I feel like everyday has some sort of miracle.  This is a place where we can all find ourselves in God and follow our hearts by finding out what we truly want to do in our lives.  Living in a place like this is very overwhelming because you never know what to expect each day.  

Even though I didn't have a family who truly cared about me when I came, I have found one here.  We are all family here, and we are all different here, residents, staff, and volunteers, but we are also the same because we are striving for the same thing.  We all want our God to show up, and He does.  He has performed healings and miracles and it is so exciting to witness.  I have broken my right foot in the last few months, and I know it has been healed by Him.  It only took two months; that is pretty awesome for a broken bone.  The year 2008 has gone fast, and I feel very confident for what I have done in helping others and myself.  I have really grown and matured here.  Spending time with God is a BONUS.  Everyday is a day I spend with God because after everything I know I can't go through life alone.  I know I need His help, and I know that He is always there.
This ministry also provides a time for all to gather and worship.  Every Thursday a worship meeting is provided for all who want to attend in the ministry's sanctuary.  I have grown to realize how God really feels about me, and after years of thinking I was alone and unloved, I know that He loves me so much that He sent His son to die for me.   That's awesome!  He didn't just do that for me; He did it for everyone in the world who is willing to follow in His footsteps.

The staff here love to see all of us residents succeed; in bad times they will give advice or prayers when needed.  They always seem to be praying for all of us.  I'm always praying for each of them so that God leads their hearts in the right direction to make all the right decisions.  I know that whoever thought of this place really thought of a miracle home because this place has given everyone so much.  God really has played a big part in putting this ministry together, and the last year or so, God has really been playing a big part in my life by holding my hand each and every day.

This year has definitely been the best year of my life.  I plan on going on to college and getting a decent job working with children which I love doing and have for as long as I can remember.  I am thankful every day for this place and where I am truly cared for and loved.  I believe that all the negative things that I have been through have made me who I am today.  He gets me through the good and bad, and I know for a fact that life is only going to keep getting better.



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Wednesday, June 28, 2017