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May 17, 2022

Volunteer Spotlight: MC Mortgage Group

MC Mortgage Group's staff serving dinner to our homeless neighbors at First Fruit Ministries' Outreach Center.  Thank you MC Mortgage Group for all you do to support our community!  We appreciate you!

In 2020, MC Mortgage Group launched a charitable contributioninitiative called "People, Pets & Vets Gives Back to theCommunity". The program supports three local charitableorganizations: First Fruit Ministries, DEGA Mobile VeterinaryCare, and Purple Heart Homes.In support of these causes, MC Mortgage Group donates $100for every closed loan to one of these three charities, based uponour borrower’s designated selection. There is absolutely no costto the borrower – just the opportunity for them to direct MCMortgage Group to donate monies to their charity of choice.

For Information on loan options, call MC Mortgage Group,Wilmington Branch, Phone: 800-970-8859,Email:, 1908 Eastwood Road,Suite 221, Wilmington, NC 28403

First Fruit Ministries' Urban Missions Training Program equips individuals for personal and spiritual growth while  serving the most vulnerable populations in our community. Urban missionaries receive personal mentorship, leadership training, and  hands-on exp

Urban Missions Training Program

Urban Missionaries are Christian believers ranging in age from age 18 to retired adults who join FFM’s outreach and supportive housing teams. They serve for one year, effectively ministering to those who are homelessness  or experiencing trafficking by going out into the streets and making a home for those in crisis. This training opportunity focuses on establishing Urban Missionaries in their identities as sons and daughters of God, through whom God’s unconditional love is shared with the most vulnerable people in our community.

  • Urban Missionaries serve at First Fruit Ministries for 30 or more hours per week for a year and generally live on the ministry campus.
  • Urban Missionaries specialize in either an Outreach, Supportive Housing, or Administrative track for deeper exploration of wisdom, justice, and poverty issues.  
  • There is a monthly program fee, which includes meals and groceries, and all housing and utilities costs.

Now Accepting Applications for One-Year Program: Contact Alisa at

Sunday Family Dinner

Join us to serve at Sunday Family Dinner, a community dinner with our unsheltered neighbors at First Fruit Ministries.

Every Sunday beginning May 15

1-2pm | Transportation to campus

1pm-3pm | Showers available for unsheltered neighbors

3-4pm | Worship and prayer gathering

4-5pm | Family dinner

Volunteer to Serve

Contact Alisa at to learn more about serving.

Seeking worship teams and / or individuals to host the presence of God through music for a time of ministry, testimonies, discipleship and a Sunday Family Dinner with our homeless friends at First Fruit Ministries.

new program launching this July:


The Guest House is a 24/7 crisis response program built with the unique needs of victims of human trafficking and sexual assault in mind. The Guest House is a soft place to land while advocates and staff work through the myriad of challenges victims face, connecting residents with resources to long-term housing, case management, primary medical care, and referrals to mental health and substance abuse treatment. The Guest House is ready and able to accept victims where they are, regardless of any challenge they may bring. The Guest House serves males, females, families, and those who are in active addiction, leaving the door open to all who need a secure place to rest, providing the support they need to get to the next step. Giving victims a chance to stabilize reduces the risk of return to homelessness, trafficking, and imminent danger.

To learn more about becoming an advocate, contact Alisa a


  • Hotline Advocates: Answers the hotline available to the community and follows a screening tool to determine whether or not a client is eligible for a stay at The Guest House
  • Greeter Advocates: Welcomes the client into The Guest House. It is crucial that this person shows dignity and respect to whoever may come through the door.
  • Hospitality Advocates: Greets our new client on the morning of day one of their stay. Our advocate partners with the client for up to 14 days.
  • Meal Advocates: Provides home cooked meals for victims during their stay. Home cooked meals are a way to emphasize love and care for those who are in need.
  • Transportation Advocates: Assists the case manager in providing transportation to clients during their stay at The Guest House. Transportation will only be provided to approved destinations.

First Fruit Ministries shares God's unconditional love through Outreach and Supportive Housing with people experiencing homelessness or trafficking.

2750 Vance Street, Wilmington NC 28412




Learn how we put unconditional love into practice by serving our community.

Current Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Serve in our Food Pantry (Weds 9am-2pm, Sat 9am-1pm)
  • Homeless Day Shelter (Tuesdays, Thursdays 9am-3pm)
  • Become a Mentor to a Trafficking Victim

Register at


Host a food or clothing drive for our neighbors facing food insecurity or homelessness. Contact: Alisa Newber at 910-619-0345 or

Most needed items:

scan to sign up
  • Men's and Women's undergarments (all sizes)
  • Spring/Summer Clothing, Shoes, and Socks (new, size M-2XL)
  • Non-perishable food items
  • Disposable dinner plates, 3 section clam shells,  prepackaged utensils, cups



Meets a trafficking survivor's needs at the moment of engagement.


Sends a team to build relationships with homeless neighbors on the streets, in drug houses, in gang territories, and in the woods.

One-Time Donation

Provide food, shelter, and material resources to people experiencing homelessness or human trafficking in Wilmington.

Ways to give

P.O. Box 15354
Wilmington NC 28408


View our Amazon Wishlist on our website

  • Sleeping bags
  • Tents
  • Bus passes
  • Laundry detergent
  • Amazon gift cards

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