The Produce Box donates over $4,000 to First Fruit Ministries

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August 9, 2022

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — First Fruit Ministries has received $4,277 from the Feeding Families fundraiser from members of the Produce Box.

First Fruit Ministries says they will use the gift to distribute fresh produce boxes from local farms to low- and no-income individuals.

“We’re so thankful to members of the Produce Box for helping us provide fresh, healthy produce boxes to our community,” CEO Rick Stoker said. “Many families who rely on SNAP benefits can’t keep up with the rising food costs and rely on food pantries to supplement their weekly groceries. When someone can come into a food pantry and get fresh produce, meat, and bakery goods, it’s much more dignifying than getting a bunch of canned goods.”

First Fruit Ministries says they share the unconditional love of God with those living in poverty in Wilmington. Its Food Pantry operates two days a week, providing meals to 1,200 local community members. The Food Pantry serves families across Brunswick, Pender and New Hanover Counties.

In 2020, the organization distributed 17,548 boxes of food to its community.

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