Street Outreach

Every week, our Outreach teams bring hot meals and emergency medical care to people living on the streets, under bridges, and in wooded encampments in our community. The goal of Street Outreach is to build relationships with our unsheltered community and understand their true needs. As relationships are built and trust gained, Street Outreach staff can assess housing and service needs. For those who desire to leave a life on the streets, First Fruit Ministries Street Outreach connects our unsheltered friends to supportive housing. In addition, our CEO and a small team of volunteers visit drug houses, wooded encampments, motels, and sidewalks to share food and to build relationships and the trust necessary to motivate this hard-to-serve population to accept other services.

We also provide:
- Hot meals
- Toiletries and Hygiene supplies
- Referrals to services and housing
- Medical Assistance and Wound Care
- Advice and help in navigating the housing process and Assistance with housing applications

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